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Carbon management


​Mitigating climate change is an integral part of our business strategy.

Through dedicated investments, we focus on energy savings projects and consequently CO2 emissions. Climate change represents the most important sustainability opportunity for us today. For over two decades we have been focused on reducing CO2 emissions and have initiated initiatives to address this subject.

Our long-term commitment is:

  • 25% reduction in fossil fuel CO2 emissions by 2020 compared to 2005.

(CO2 emissions are relative to production and can be direct and indirect).

This objective is to be achieved by investment in energy-efficiency projects and the further substitution of fossil fuels with biogenic fuels.

Our progress

  • Achieved 26.1% against a target reduction of relative CO2 emissions of 25% (against 2005 baseline)

As part of our transparency on our carbon emissions we report annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project organization.


We strive to decrease our fossil CO₂emissions where possible.

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We have been switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy where possible and economically feasible.

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