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Fresh Produce Tray (P84)

Fresh Produce Tray (P84)

The P84 system is a family of fruit and vegetable trays. Each tray has a common footprint with interlocking points making it easy to stack. 

P84s allow you to stack trays of mixed loads and sizes resulting in a cost effective and efficient system for the packaging and transportation of fresh produce.  Stacking the P84 trays also increases the stability of loads, reducing damage to fruit and vegetables during transit.

P84 trays provide the required ventilation to deal with changes in humidity and climate, keeping the fresh produce in its optimum condition throughout the supply chain.  

Made from corrugated cardboard, all trays can be printed with high impact colours and graphics to attract the attention of the consumer in a retail environment.


  • Standard footprint sizes available
  • All trays can be manufactured to a bespoke height for your product
  • Available in all flute combinations
  • Can be high quality printed with your logo and brand messages
  • 100% recyclable and manufactured from renewable resources
  • Easy to assemble through a tray erector that can also be supplied by Smurfit Kappa


  • Branded trays allow you to differentiate your produce at the point of purchase
  • Branding on all four sides of the pack allows for quick and easy shelf replenishment
  • Reduction in product damage due to strength and stability of the P84s
  • Improved vehicle utilisation due to the ability to stack mixed loads at variable heights
  • Reduction in cost and carbon emissions due to improved vehicle utilisation
  • Environmentally friendly as corrugated trays are part of a closed loop recycling system


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